Illinois Internet Law News: Blackhawks Win Cybersquatting Scrimmage

November 28, 2018

Illinois Internet Law: Chicago Blackhawks cybersquatting case The Chicago Blackhawks haven’t owned “” for over 20 years. But that’s all about to change because the NHL team recently won a cybersquatting dispute over the domain. How’d it all happen? Let’s review.

Illinois Internet Law Case: The Chicago Blackhawks Wants Its Domain Back

Back in 1995, when AOL was the hot tech startup, and radio DJs continuously assaulted ears with “Cotton Eye Joe,” an enterprising online entrepreneur registered the domain “” But for unknown reasons, the hockey team went decades without ever trying to wrestle it back.

However, after many joyous wins and devastating losses, the franchise finally made moves to secure the URL. At first, they approached the owner and asked to buy it. He replied by pointing out the URL’s “six-figure” status.

Apparently, the Blackhawks wanted to avoid a bidding war with a domainer, so the team sought help from the World Intellectual Property Organization, an international, quasi-governmental regulatory body that sorts out domain disputes both domestically and internationally.

In the end (and at the time of this writing), the Blackhawks emerged victorious because the registrar “didn’t respond to the allegations.” Now, is safely back in the club’s hands.

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