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e-commerce law topic: fictitious pricing
Ecommerce Law: Can You Be Sued For “Fictitious Pricing” Perpetual Sales?
Sales are a staple of the e-commerce ecosystem, but rules do apply. For example: Perpetually adverti [...]
Negative Option Scam Lawsuit
FTC Negative Option Lawsuits: Example Case
The Federal Trade Commission constantly files claims against companies that play fast and loose with [...]
Unfair and Deceptive marketing case: Shire
Unfair and Deceptive Marketing: A Shift Away From Federal Hearings?
The Third Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision that will affect “past conduct” cases current [...]
COPPA Rules: Learn From TikTok and Get A COPPA Audit
It’s FTC official: TikTok must forfeit millions in COPPA fines. Is your website, app, or software [...]
Internet Law: Social Media Buying Followers
Buying Social Media Followers Could Land You in Legal Trouble
Thinking of buying social media followers? May we, a group of social media lawyers, offer some guida [...]
FTC Law: unfair and deceptive marketing case
Unfair and Deceptive Marketing Lessons to Learn From the Roca FTC Case
A nutraceutical company must pay $25 million in fines over FTC Act violations involving a product du [...]
Internet Law: Cybersquatting Case
Illinois Internet Law News: Blackhawks Win Cybersquatting Scrimmage
The Chicago Blackhawks haven’t owned “Blackhawks.com” for over 20 years. But that’s all abou [...]
Marketing Law: Suing social media influencers
Can I Sue an Influencer for Underperforming?
You’re a brand that uses social media “influencers” to promote products. But what happens when [...]
Online Marketing Lawyer: International case Goop promotion violations
Online Marketing Law: Goop Smacked Again For Shady Promotional Promises?
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has once again landed in the online marketing law doghouse. Another Online [...]