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Our industry-leading firm has focused on cryptocurrency law since 2014. We’ve worked with a wide range of crypto and Web3 startups, providing clear guidance through murky legal waters. We even accept payments in BTC and ETH!

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Need a Crypto Attorney for Your Business?

We provide legal and tax services for a wide range of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based startups, including:

  • Bitcoin mining operators
  • NFT creators
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and dApps
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  • Brokers, arbitrage traders, and investment advisors
  • Web3 startups
  • Any business that transacts with cryptocurrency!

These are some of the legal services we can help with:

Business Formation

Before you get started with business formation, it’s essential to understand the right entity for your needs, where you should register your startup, and each founder’s rights and obligations. There may be additional legal considerations when you have founders from multiple countries.

Gordon Law Group can help you get set up quickly, while ensuring your crypto business is positioned for long-lasting success!

Outside General Counsel

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have an experienced cryptocurrency lawyer on hand to handle any legal questions you may have, both professional and personal. Outside general counsel services are an affordable option for companies that don’t have the need or budget for in-house counsel. Contact us to get started.

Business Contracts and Smart Contracts

Every business will need a contract lawyer at some point—whether you’re dividing founder equity, courting investors, hiring independent contractors, or simply buying equipment. Gordon Law Group can take care of all your contract needs, including assisting with smart contracts.

Intellectual Property Law

The cryptocurrency industry involves unique intellectual property concerns. For example, if you’re launching a collection of NFTs, should you license out rights to commercialize the NFTs to owners? Do you want to attach licensing fees and/or royalties to such commercial uses? Our crypto-savvy intellectual property lawyers will make sure you’re fully covered!

Andrew Gordon, Cryptocurrency Lawyer and CPA

Why Choose a Cryptocurrency Lawyer from Gordon Law Group?

  • We speak Web3! We’ve focused on Cryptocurrency Law since 2014 and our team is extremely passionate about this industry
  • We’re a one-stop shop for your legal, tax, and accounting needs—both personal and professional
  • We accept payments in BTC and ETH

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Securities Law

Anyone who’s building on the blockchain should be aware of securities laws; the SEC has been cracking down on the industry for several years now, particularly when it comes to initial coin offerings (ICOs) and DeFi lending products. If you’re launching a token, exchange, wallet, or dApp, be sure to consult with an experienced cryptocurrency lawyer first!

AML and KYC Compliance

The SEC isn’t the only government agency that can come after crypto businesses. FinCEN also has strict requirements related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Failing to comply could lead to harsh penalties, but our experienced cryptocurrency attorneys can guide you through.

MSB and MTL Licenses

Many operators in the crypto industry, from exchanges to traders to Bitcoin ATMs, are considered Money Service Businesses. This type of business may require a federal MSB license, as well as a state-issued Money Transmitter License (MTL). A cryptocurrency lawyer can help you determine whether you qualify as an MSB and, if so, help you obtain the required licenses. Contact us online or call (847) 580-1279 to get started.

Cryptocurrency Accounting

Gordon Law Group provides industry-leading accounting services for cryptocurrency businesses. If your company is accepting cryptocurrency payments, paying employees in cryptocurrency, holding crypto as an investment, or interacting with cryptocurrencies in any way, you need an accountant who understands how to report these transactions correctly.

Our team can prepare your financial statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss (P&L) statements. We also help with reporting crypto taxes for businesses and individuals!

Advertising Compliance

Both the FTC and SEC have the power to issue hefty fines or even sue your business for unlawful advertising practices. Your company can also be legally responsible for claims made by affiliate marketers. Our team can review all of your marketing and advertising materials to ensure they comply with the law, helping you avoid legal problems that could cause your business to collapse.

Asset Protection

Do you want to protect your personal wealth against lawsuits, debt collections, and divorce proceedings? Asset protection can do just that! We’ve helped many founders of cryptocurrency startups achieve peace of mind by forming an offshore asset protection trust.

Tax Planning for Crypto Founders

The last thing you want is to give Uncle Sam any more of your hard-earned money than is legally required. Tax planning services can help!

With extensive experience in Tax Law, our attorneys can help you take advantage of powerful tax saving strategies, including:

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