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Whether you’re a team looking for a bulletproof player contract or a brand interested in a sponsorship agreement, our experienced esports contract lawyers are here to help.

What can an esports contract lawyer do for you?

Our esports attorneys have negotiated contracts for some of the biggest athletes and organizations in the esports industry. Our experience in contract law, along with our knowledge of the rapidly changing esports industry, means we can secure your most favorable terms and help you achieve long-lasting success.

We understand the importance of rapid service and personal attention. We pride ourselves on treating each client as a top priority, providing clarity and guidance as well as unbeatable results.

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Esports contract lawyer for players

When you hit your big break, make sure you maximize it! A strong esports player contract considers topics like:

  • Performance benchmarks, tournament incentives, and bonuses
  • Streaming and social media requirements
  • Sponsorships and other revenue streams
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Fair termination, trading, and competition clauses
  • Protecting your personal brand

We’ve represented both players and organizations, which gives us unique insight into your contract needs: we know how teams, investors, and vendors think, and we also understand how to maximize your payout through multiple revenue streams.

Our trusted esports contract attorneys are here to provide clear guidance and answer all your questions throughout the process, making you feel confident that you’re well taken care of. We’ll fight for your interests and pay attention to the nitty-gritty details, so you can focus on what you do best.

Esports contract lawyer for teams and organizations

Legal contracts with players, sponsors, investors, and other organizations are crucial to protect your business and your reputation. Whether you’re assembling your dream team or have your eye on a lucrative sponsorship deal, our esports contract lawyers will help you maximize profits and reduce liability.

We negotiate contracts for esports organizations of all sizes, from amateur leagues to major franchise teams. With our extensive business and legal experience, we know how to set you up for long-lasting success. We’ve helped esports organizations with:

  • Negotiating player contracts
  • Crafting profitable sponsorship agreements
  • Writing supplier and vendor agreements
  • Business formation with a focus on maximizing profitability
  • Navigating successful mergers and acquisitions

Your one-stop shop for legal and financial esports services

Gordon Law Group is uniquely positioned to handle the legal and financial needs of the esports industry. In addition to esports contracts, we can help with:

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