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When you hit your big break, make sure you maximize it with help from our experienced esports lawyers. We provide eagle-eyed contract review, legal, and tax advice to esports athletes, sponsors, investors, and teams.

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What Can An Esports Lawyer Do For You?

The esports law team at Gordon Law Group works with esports athletes, teams, sponsors, and investors on contract negotiations, mediations, and tax planning. We also act as agents on behalf of professional players and teams, with a strong focus on maximizing profit.

We’ve been working in esports law since 2014 and have represented large organizations as well as individual players, so we understand how to help both sides succeed. Our holistic approach, informed by years of experience, boosts your revenue and protects you from liability at every turn.

Most importantly, we’re committed to providing personal, prompt attention to each and every client. With Gordon Law Group, you not only have experience on your side, but a dedicated, passionate team of attorneys you can always rely on.

We offer a wide range of tax and corporate law services for those in the esports industry, including:

Esports Contracts & Negotiations

Effective business contracts must be clearly defined and enforceable. In the world of esports, that means laying out:

  • Equipment agreements
  • Payment amounts and payment schedules
  • Insurance issues
  • Sponsorship and endorsement parameters
  • Conduct expectations
  • Schedule expectations
  • NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) rights

With years of experience negotiating esports contracts on all sides, Gordon Law Group can help you maximize your profits and protect what matters most to you!

Esports Sponsorship, Endorsements, and NIL Rights

Esports Sponsorship Contracts:

Endorsement deals can be a fantastic revenue source for professional players. But be warned: sponsorship deals can also be obscenely restrictive, profit-stealing nightmares if not done correctly.

Before any esports contract is signed, it is in the interest of athletes and teams to consult with an experienced esports lawyer. An attorney with an eye for legal trickery can pick apart the document to ensure you’re getting a fair, solid deal.

Marketing Regulations for Esports Sponsorships:

When promoting any products or services, esports players and teams should be aware of marketing laws. Saying the wrong thing or failing to disclose material relationships could lead to penalties or even an FTC lawsuit. Invest in an advertising compliance review to avoid these legal headaches!

NIL Rights for Esports Players

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights are an extremely valuable asset for esports players. Whether you’re ready to sign onto a team or considering a sponsorship deal, you need an esports lawyer with experience in this niche.

Collegiate esports athletes now have the opportunity to benefit from their NIL rights. Our team is well-versed in NIL compliance, helping esports players navigate the new regulations and maximize their earning potential while maintaining their NCAA eligibility. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from understanding the rules and limitations to reviewing and negotiating your NIL deals.

Michael Brandwein, Esq.
Partner – Corporate Law and Tax Compliance

Why Choose an Esports Lawyer from Gordon Law Group?

  • Industry knowledge: Since 2014, we’ve helped top esports players and teams maximize their profits, minimize their taxes, and resolve legal disputes in the esports industry.
  • Full service: We’re a one-stop shop for your legal, tax, and accounting needs—both personal and professional.
  • Tech savvy: Our attorneys have always embraced modern tools that make it easy, efficient, and seamless to work with us. We even accept payments in BTC and ETH.

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Registering an Esports Business

Business formation is a must for professional esports teams, and a smart strategy for professional players.

Forming your business correctly is key to protecting your assets and minimizing your esports player taxes. Our business formation services include:

  • LLC formation
  • C-corp formation
  • S-corp election
  • Offshore business formation
  • Customized operating agreement or partnership agreement
  • Trademark, copyright, and IP services
  • Ongoing annual report and registered agent services

If you’re not sure where to register your business or which entity is right for you, we’ll provide clear guidance for your unique situation.

Esports Intellectual Property Law

In the esports industry, intellectual property (including logos, videos, photography, and product designs) may be your most valuable asset. We help you protect it!

If you need help with copyrights, trademarks, licensing rights, or resolving an intellectual property dispute, our attorneys have you covered.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The terms of service and privacy policy for your website can offer protection in the unfortunate event of legal disputes. As digital privacy becomes increasingly important (and increasingly regulated), neglecting these documents could leave you vulnerable to lawsuits.

Although cookie usage is typically included in your privacy policy, online marketers may wish to create a more comprehensive cookie policy for extra protection. Our experienced affiliate marketing lawyers can help with all of these essential legal documents!

Tax Preparation for Esports Players and Teams

Gordon Law Group is a one-stop shop for your esports tax and legal needs! We provide tax return filing and tax planning for both businesses and individuals. This helps you minimize the taxes you have to pay and avoid IRS penalties.

Do you use cryptocurrency? We also provide industry-leading cryptocurrency tax filing!

Mergers and Acquisitions: Buying or Selling an Esports Company

Mergers and acquisitions can help a business achieve exponential growth. You can buy another business in its entirety or acquire specific assets like websites, email lists, and social media accounts. Or, maybe you’re ready to sell your esports business and enjoy the profits.

Our esports lawyers have handled more than $65 million in M&A transactions, and we can help you navigate a deal of any size!

Case Study: OpTic Gaming Reacquisition

We helped Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, founder of the iconic esports company OpTic Gaming, reacquire his business in 2020.

Special Considerations:

  • Managing OpTic’s intellectual property in the deal
  • Obtaining approval from the Call of Duty League

Photo credit: OpTic Gaming

Asset Protection for Esports

Do you want to protect your personal wealth against lawsuits, debt collections, and divorce proceedings? Asset protection can do just that! We’ve helped many entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals achieve peace of mind by forming an offshore asset protection trust.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Web3 Law

If you’re advertising any cryptocurrency projects, NFTs, or dApps, you need to be extra careful with advertising and marketing compliance. Crypto influencers can be sued by the SEC as well as the FTC, and the industry is under heavy scrutiny. Contact Gordon Law Group to avoid red flags in your crypto advertising!

In addition, if your business accepts cryptocurrency payments, we can provide full-service crypto accounting and tax services.

Esports General Counsel

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have an experienced lawyer on hand to handle any legal questions you may have, both professional and personal. Outside general counsel services are an affordable option for esports players or organizations that don’t have the need or budget for in-house counsel. Contact us to get started!

Who Needs an Esports Lawyer?

In the world of esports, Gordon Law Group serves:

  • Professional and collegiate esports players
  • Professional esports teams or leagues
  • Professional tournament and event organizers
  • Investors, sponsors, and brand partners

How Much Does an Esports Lawyer Cost?

While some services like company registration are flat-fee ($2,500 for most states), we typically work on retainer.

The initial retainer for corporate matters is typically $5,000-$10,000, depending on the specific circumstances. Schedule a free consultation to learn more and receive a custom quote!

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