About Elena Cociug

Elena Cociug is an Associate Accountant in the Tax Compliance Department. She prepares tax returns for individuals and businesses, including amended returns, delinquent tax returns, and offshore disclosures; she also assists with crypto and USD accounting for complex files.

Elena has more than 8 years of accounting experience in both public and private sectors. With extensive experience in the full-cycle accounting process, Elena is able to offer clear guidance to clients, helping them understand the advantages and disadvantages of their financial decisions.

She enjoys working on challenging accounting projects, collaborating with other departments, and working closely with her clients to identify financial solutions.

Elena studied at Northeastern Illinois University, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Prior to joining Gordon Law Group, she worked as a Senior Accountant for Prompt Praxis Labs, focusing on cost allocation and product pricing.

When out of the office, Elena enjoys spending her spare time volunteering with the Moldavian community by offering therapy and coaching sessions, reading philosophical literature, and hiking with family.

Top Practice Areas


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting , Northeastern Illinois University

  • Associate in Arts, Oakton Community College

  • Associate in Psychology, Moldova State University


  • Bookkeeping Certificate, Oakton Community College

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