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Is the IRS breathing down your neck? Our skilled criminal tax attorneys have guided many clients safely through an IRS investigation, and we can do the same for you.

The IRS is a ruthless opponent; make sure you have the strongest possible defense on your side.

Proven criminal tax defense attorneys

When you need experienced criminal tax defense, call Gordon Law Group. Our priorities are the same as yours: ending the investigation, protecting your assets, and letting you move on with your life.

Here are just a few of the victories we’ve secured for our clients:

  • A self-employed Chicago businessman was subjected to an eggshell audit (an audit with high potential for criminal investigation) regarding business expense deductions. After he hired Gordon Law Group, the audit closed in 1 month with no criminal prosecution and no other tax years examined.
  • A restaurateur was subjected to a criminal investigation regarding sales and use taxes by the Illinois Department of Revenue. The criminal investigation closed without a referral for prosecution and the case remained civil.
  • The IRS opened a criminal investigation into a physician for alleged fraudulent filing of income tax returns. We found that the client’s business processes were insufficient for determining underreported income. The investigation closed without a prosecution referral and the case remained civil.

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Do I need a criminal tax attorney?

We strongly recommend calling a criminal tax attorney right away if you have any concerns about tax fraud. Your first steps often determine the course of the entire investigation, so it’s crucial to have a strong defender by your side from the beginning. Our skilled tax lawyers will fight to end the investigation as soon as possible; avoid criminal charges; and in some cases even settle your tax bill for pennies on the dollar.

If you’re concerned about potential allegations of evading taxes, or hiding assets from the IRS to avoid payment, then you should speak to a criminal tax attorney immediately. The IRS has a shocking success rate of sending tax fraud perpetrators to prison—according to the United States Sentencing Commission, 65% of cases resulted in prison sentences in Fiscal Year 2019. The average sentence was 16 months.

In a case of tax fraud or tax evasion, it’s important to remember that the IRS is laser-focused on 2 goals:

  • Collecting as much revenue as possible (including large penalties and interest on unreported funds)
  • Scaring other taxpayers into compliance by making an example of bad actors 

By calling a criminal tax attorney the moment you have concerns, you can stay 3 steps ahead of the IRS. Call our experienced lawyers today for a 100% confidential consultation.

Will hiring a criminal tax lawyer make me look guilty?

If you’re under suspicion of tax evasion, hiring strong criminal tax defense is the smartest thing you can do. The IRS recognizes your right to hire an attorney and will not take it as an admission of guilt.

However, if you say anything to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID), you may very well hurt your own case. What you see as a reasonable explanation for your actions could actually be an admission of guilt in the eyes of the law.

Unlike a typical CPA or tax preparer, we offer attorney-client privilege, ensuring your statements to us remain confidential. Plus, we have the experience and qualifications to defend you in court if your case escalates.

Don’t let the IRS make an example of you! Schedule a confidential consultation with our criminal tax attorneys today and get experienced defense on your side.

What types of tax crimes does the IRS investigate?

The IRS has a Criminal Investigation Division (CID) that pursues criminal charges for tax crimes. Because the CID has limited resources, it focuses on high-priority cases—such as organized crime, narcotics trafficking, public corruption, and white collar crimes. Lately, the IRS has also been concentrating on abusive foreign and domestic trusts.

The Criminal Investigation Division focuses on cases they’re most likely to win; according to the IRS’s 2018 Annual Report, the CID opened 1,714 investigations for tax crimes and secured 1,052 criminal sentences—a sentencing rate of over 60%.

The CID aims to scare taxpayers into compliance by making an example of tax evaders, which is why you need a skilled and experienced criminal tax lawyer on your side.

However, even if the CID doesn’t get involved, that doesn’t mean you’ll get off scot free for tax crimes. The main branch of the IRS can still slap you with large financial penalties for tax fraud. Learn more about our tax fraud defense services here.

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