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Master your crypto taxes with the original crypto tax professionals. Gordon Law Group is an industry leader in cryptocurrency tax law, and we’ve helped everyone from casual traders to whales maximize profits while protecting themselves under the law!

Why choose Gordon Law Group?

  • Unbeatable Experience: Our team, led by tax attorney and CPA Andrew Gordon, has been focusing on cryptocurrency taxes since 2014.
  • Minimize Your Bill: Did you know that capital losses can offset ordinary income and be carried forward to future years? We’ll take advantage of every strategy to lower your tax bill!
  • Crypto Native: We accept payments in BTC and ETH.
  • Flexible to Fit Your Needs: We can prepare your full tax return or just the crypto portion.
  • Audit Defense: Clients can opt in to Crypto Audit Defense and receive free representation in the event of an IRS audit.


We can handle mining, staking, NFTs, DeFi, DAO membership, and even full-service accounting for blockchain businesses. Nothing is too complex. And yes, we can help you fix the errors in crypto tax software!

Many CPAs have jumped on the crypto bandwagon in recent years, but nothing beats a decade of experience. If you have complicated transactions or simply want the ultimate peace of mind, look no further than Gordon Law Group. Contact an experienced crypto tax attorney now to stay one step ahead of the IRS!

What can a cryptocurrency tax attorney do for you?

For years, cryptocurrency was like the Wild West—but the IRS has caught on and begun aggressively pursuing traders who fail to report, or under-report, their taxable gains.

We help clients:


Gordon Law Group is a leading law firm in the emerging field of cryptocurrency tax law. Not only do we provide clear guidance to our clients, but we’re also dedicated to educating other attorneys and financial professionals on the complexities of crypto taxes.

If you want to avoid legal risk and maximize your digital gains, there’s no better team to guide you toward effective crypto tax solutions.

Master your crypto taxes in 3 easy steps

  1. Schedule a confidential consultation with our experienced cryptocurrency tax law team
  2. Develop the most effective tax strategy for your unique situation
  3. Minimize your tax burden and hold onto your gains!

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Cryptocurrency tax lawyer for individuals

With our experienced legal team on your side, you can navigate the murky waters of cryptocurrency taxes and keep your gains in your (digital) pocket.

We’ve been in the cryptocurrency tax game since 2014, so we can leverage every opportunity for you in this constantly changing field. Plan your most effective cryptocurrency tax strategy, unlock every deduction, and avoid legal pitfalls.

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Cryptocurrency tax lawyer for business

Whether you’re exploring new digital currency investments, crowdfunding with crypto, or building your business on blockchain, we’ll help you avoid legal pitfalls on the path to financial success.

Our experienced tax lawyers have been advising businesses and entrepreneurs on cryptocurrency matters since 2014. We know exactly how to maximize your opportunities, steer you away from any sticky situations, or deal with the IRS if you’ve already been audited.

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