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Forn 1099-DA: What We Know So Far

Form 1099-DA: What We Know So Far

Starting in 2026, the IRS will introduce Form 1099-DA dedicated to reporting crypto and digital assets. Learn who needs to issue this form and more!

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NFT Creators and the Law: 5 Common Questions

NFT Creators and the Law: 5 Common Questions

From copyright and ownership issues to smart contract disputes, the legal implications of NFTs are vast and rapidly evolving.
NFT artists must know their rights and obligations in this new digital landscape to navigate this exciting but potentially treacherous terrain.

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2023 Complete DeFi Tax Guide

Complete DeFi Tax Guide 2023 The world of Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has exploded recently, offering new and innovative financial services through blockchain technology. 

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How To Navigate Celsius & FTX Losses

How To Navigate Celsius & FTX Tax Losses

The recent bankruptcy of several cryptocurrency platforms, including Celsius and FTX, has raised questions about how the IRS tax code applies to these unique situations.

The tax code generally permits claiming deductions or losses once the loss is complete and known. However, for these bankruptcy proceedings, you must still satisfy both criteria.

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Qualified Appraisals For Donated Crypto

New IRS Guidance: Qualified Appraisals For Donated Crypto

For non-cash charitable contributions to a 501(c)(3) organization, taxpayers often need clarification about the rules and regulations surrounding the deductions they can claim on their taxes. One area of confusion is the requirement for a qualified appraisal for cryptocurrency contributions.

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Claiming Tax Losses for Worthless Cryptocurrency

New IRS Guidance: Claiming Tax Losses for Worthless Cryptocurrency

In a recent Chief Counsel Advice, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) addressed the applicability of I.R.C. Section 165 to cryptocurrency that has declined in value. The advice concluded that an individual, who owns cryptocurrency that has substantially declined in value, can deduct the loss under Section 165, since it would be an itemized expense disallowed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts (TCJA).

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