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Stressed over taxes? Our experienced tax lawyers are here to relieve the tension, handle the situation, and minimize your tax burden. If the IRS is breathing down your neck, we’ll build you a strong defense and be a staunch advocate every step of the way.

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Both state and federal tax laws can be incredibly complex. Whether you’re facing tax debt or you’re being audited, an experienced attorney can help you comply. This will go a long way in protecting yourself and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

You can take steps to protect your interests by contacting our dedicated tax attorneys in Chicago, IL at Gordon Law Group. Our team has extensive experience in tax law to help anyone with US tax concerns.

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Why Trust the Tax Attorneys at Gordon Law Group?

  • 45 years of combined experience fighting audits and tax debt, with millions of dollars saved for our clients
  • Focused knowledge in niche areas including cryptocurrency tax law, sales tax audits, and FBAR
  • Personal service and honest guidance to relieve your tax stress

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What Does a Tax Attorney Do?

Tax attorneys focus on tax laws. They can cover local, state, federal, or international laws.

Our tax attorneys are here to help you with a wide variety of tax issues, finances, and other matters that could have an impact on your tax responsibilities, including:

  • Optimizing your tax situation
  • Arranging your finances
  • Ensuring you follow tax laws
  • Handling business taxes
  • Planning for reduced tax obligations
  • Drafting of tax documents and contracts
  • Handling Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or tax authority disputes

What Does Tax Law Cover?

To put it simply, tax law involves resolving disputes with the IRS and state tax boards, as well as preventing tax problems through compliant tax filing and planning. Gordon Law Group is here to help you with the following types of tax laws and situations:

Tax Problems

There are many potential tax problems your Chicago tax attorney should be able to handle, including:

  • IRS penalties for late filing, inaccurate tax return filings, or late payment
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Unpaid taxes (back taxes)
  • Failure to report income on a 1099 or W-2
  • Errors on your tax return
  • IRS audits

Tax Debt

Dealing with tax debt on your own can be a daunting task. Gordon Law has helped remove penalties for our clients in the past, and we’ve succeeded in reducing tax debt by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Tax Audits

A tax audit occurs when the government looks closely at your income and earning capacity. The audit process can be particularly complex and it’s recommended to bring in a tax attorney as soon as possible. However, Gordon Law Group can help at any stage, including appealing your audit results.

To most people, audits can be scary, especially if you don’t know why one started. We’re here to remove the stress and help you address the audit. We handle income tax audits, business tax audits, Illinois sales tax audits, FBAR audits, and crypto tax audits.

Tax Litigation

Also commonly referred to as tax controversy, your tax attorney can help you resolve various tax disputes at the local, state, federal, or global level so you can avoid being brought to court or charged criminally.

Tax Court

If you are dealing with a tax issue or dispute requiring you to go to court, you need a powerful tax attorney to help you contest the claims against you and resolve them with the IRS. We can help with cases in the Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal and the US Tax Court.

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Tax Compliance

Tax compliance prevents problems by ensuring all necessary forms are filed and any taxes you owe are paid timely. Compliance becomes tricky when you have multiple sources of income or when you own a business. That’s when the knowledge of an experienced tax attorney becomes invaluable!

Tax Preparation

Whether you‘re paying your personal taxes, working on your business’ taxes, or dealing with offshore disclosures, professional tax preparation services can help make the process significantly easier and ensure you’re maximizing your tax deductions wherever possible.

Tax Planning

Since tax laws can be so complex and there are so many elements to state, federal, and local laws, tax planning services ensure you aren’t overpaying.

Tax planning is an excellent opportunity to plan for large purchases, determine when purchasing should be made, and make plans for your income throughout the year. It’s especially important for business owners, cryptocurrency traders, and high-net worth individuals.

We can help you unlock powerful tax saving strategies, such as:

FBAR and Offshore Disclosures

If you have bank accounts, businesses, or other assets located overseas, you may have additional reporting obligations. Our experienced FBAR lawyers can help you avoid harsh penalties by filing the FBAR, FATCA, and other offshore disclosure forms—even if they’re years past due!

Crypto Taxes

Cryptocurrency tax law is still emerging, but our experienced cryptocurrency tax lawyers have focused on this area since 2014 and understand all the complexities. Our firm is here to help novice traders, whales, experienced coin developers, and everyone in between protect themselves and maximize their returns.

Crypto taxes can take you by surprise. With our firm by your side, you have a team of professionals working to ensure you comply.

Taxes for Individuals

Individual income taxes are for those earning wages and responsible for paying personal income taxes. You can be taxed on your dividends, salary, interest paid, and wages throughout the year. Then, you will file your tax return and determine how much the state and federal governments owe you. Our attorneys provide tax return preparation with a focus on complex situations.

Taxes for Business

When you own and operate a business, the type of business will determine how much you will need to pay in taxes and the rate at which you are expected to pay them. You may need assistance with various business taxes, including excise, estimated, income, employment, and self-employment taxes.

Learn more about self-employed tax returns.

Tax Returns (Filed or Unfiled)

If you need help filing your tax returns, are behind on filing tax returns, or are involved in a dispute regarding an old tax return, it’s vital to have a tax attorney on your side to help protect you from potential liabilities.

Since taxation is one of the top ways the government makes money, it’s essential to be sure that you’re up-to-date and on track to avoid potential consequences. Contact us for help with your tax returns!

When Should I Hire a Tax Attorney?

You may need the legal guidance and support of an experienced tax lawyer in Chicago for any tax situation you may find yourself in. Whether you’re dealing with an active dispute or are simply unsure whether you are handling your case properly, a tax lawyer working for you could make all the difference in your financial opportunities going forward.

Tax attorneys also offer attorney-client privilege—a higher level of confidentiality than a tax preparer or CPA can provide—which is essential for sensitive situations.

You may want to hire a tax attorney if you are dealing with any of the following types of situations:

  • Starting a business
  • Granting or receiving large gifts
  • Having to go to tax court
  • Disputes regarding outstanding tax debts
  • Being audited by the IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue
  • Dealing with FBAR filing, FATCA reporting, and other offshore disclosures
  • Wondering how to legally reduce the taxes you pay

What Qualifications Should a Tax Attorney Have?

A reputable tax attorney should have a law degree and deep knowledge of tax laws at the state and federal levels, at a minimum.

Having an attorney who understands nuanced tax laws, like real estate tax laws, business tax laws, sales tax laws, and more, can only benefit your case.

When you’re facing a tax dispute, finding experienced attorneys with several proven results who are also knowledgeable in all manner of tax law should be your priority. The ideal attorney will provide personal, responsive service to relieve your stress as you deal with a tax controversy that could destabilize your financial future.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Tax Attorney?

The costs of hiring a tax attorney can vary widely depending on the tax situation you’re dealing with and the services you require.

However, having a tax attorney take on your case could be worth the cost when you face severe tax penalties or are at risk of paying more in taxes than you are legally required to. After all, having an experienced professional working for you can ease your fears and help you get back on track.

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