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Are you sick of trying to figure out crypto tax preparation by yourself? 

With professional crypto tax services from Gordon Law Group, you get a bulletproof crypto tax report (and no headaches)!

All-in-one cryptocurrency accounting service.

We even offer a full suite of legal services for blockchain businesses.
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Unlock serious tax savings.

Many of our crypto accounting clients save thousands or more on taxes with Gordon Law Group, compared to DIY results.

The ultimate assurance and protection.

Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind knowing your tax return is being handled by the best of the best!

Our team is led by Andrew Gordon, a highly respected crypto tax attorney and CPA.

With experienced crypto tax attorneys on your side, you have the utmost assurance that your crypto taxes are correct!

Andrew Gordon - Crypto CPA and Tax Attorney
“I am so grateful I can go to them with all of my high volume crypto transactions. They're top notch, A-class, and one of, if not the, best in the business when it comes to crypto.”
Joshua K

All your crypto accounting questions answered!

Crypto moves much faster than the IRS, leaving investors guessing about many important tax questions.

Our skilled crypto tax accountants can help you:

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