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Need a professional who understands ecommerce tax inside and out? Our experienced ecommerce tax attorneys are here to help.
We’ll guide you through your sales tax obligations, file state tax returns, and even handle bookkeeping. We deal with the legalese so you can focus on driving sales!

Experienced ecommerce tax professionals

Our ecommerce tax consultants regularly help online sellers clear tax hurdles. We’ll make sure you’re positioned for maximum profitability while staying within the law.

Since 2013, we’ve helped ecommerce businesses:

  • Understand their income, sales, and use tax obligations
  • Handle their bookkeeping
  • Navigate their Amazon sales tax requirements
  • Calculate, file, and remit Shopify taxes
  • Stay compliant with constantly changing regulations
  • Fight sales and use tax audits from the state

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Why are ecommerce taxes so tricky?

Ecommerce tax reporting gets complicated. Online sellers must account for local, state, interstate, federal, and sometimes even international taxes and levies. In addition, online sellers must be aware of various types of taxes, such as income, sales, and use taxes.

It’s crucial to use a tax professional who understands the industry so you can protect yourself from state taxing authorities.

Some states require you to collect and remit sales tax if you meet a certain sales volume there, while others will require this if you have a physical presence (such as an FBA warehouse) in the state. Some products are taxed at different rates and others are exempt from sales tax altogether.

If trying to wrap your head around these ecommerce tax rules is giving you a headache, you’re not alone! We’ve helped many ecommerce sellers determine their sales and use tax obligations, keep track of their books, and file state tax returns.

Our experienced attorneys will handle the tax considerations so you can focus on the things you care about.

Prevent and defend ecommerce sales tax audits

Our extensive experience fighting sales tax audits works in your favor—we know exactly which red flags auditors look for and which pitfalls to avoid. Protect your business with an airtight ecommerce tax return prepared by the top professionals.

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