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Stylized image depicting a navy blue background with a large image of draft IRS Form 1099-DA, the first tax form created specifically for digital assets. The foreground contains an orange starburst shape and a hand holding a megaphone, indicating important news.
Form 1099-DA Unveiled: IRS Releases Draft of New Tax Form for Digital Assets
The IRS just released a draft of Form 1099-DA, the first tax form dedicated to reporting crypto and [...]
Illustration shows paper that's been stamped with the word "AUDITED" in bold, red letters. Highlighted, handwritten text underneath reads, "What should I do now?"
What to Do If You Get Audited by the IRS: 5 Essential Tips
Navigating a tax audit can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. With t [...]
IRS Expands 2022 Crypto Tax Question
The crypto question on your tax return has been updated once again. This time, the IRS is increasing [...]