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FTC Revised Endorsement Guidelines 2023 - Disclosures for Influencers, Affiliate Marketers, and Brands
New FTC Endorsement Guidelines: 8 Things Brands and Marketers Need to Know
The FTC released revised guidance for sponsorship disclosures. Our lawyers break down the most impor [...]
3 Essential Legal Tips for Your Affiliate Landing Page
3 Essential Tips for Your Affiliate Landing Page
Are you a budding affiliate marketer ready to start profiting from the sale of products? It’s a pr [...]
FTC Supreme Court Case - Section 13(b)
Supreme Court Limits FTC’s Ability to Obtain Restitution for Deceptive Marketing
How will deceptive advertising lawsuits be impacted now that a favorite FTC enforcement tool is gone [...]
Marketing Tips - 5 Common Mistakes with Customer Reviews That Pose a Legal Risk
5 Common Review Tactics That Are Legal Disasters
A lawsuit from America’s consumer watchdog will almost certainly do more damage to your business t [...]
Online Marketing Law: Negative Fake Reviews
Can I Pay Influencers to Post Negative Reviews?
Can you pay influencers to trash competitors? The short answer: No. The long answer: Case details ma [...]
FTC defense law: Goop unfair and deceptive marketing
FTC Defense Law: Commission Censures Celebrity Website For Unfair and Deceptive Marketing
Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website for the well-heeled, is forking over $145,000 and agreei [...]
Marketing Lawyer: FTC v DirecTV marketing case
Did The FTC Overstep in the DirecTV “Deceptive Marketing” Case? Looks That Way.
Is it possible to win an unfair and deceptive marketing case filed by the Federal Trade Commission? [...]
Chicago Business Lawyer
Online Business Law: What You Need To Know About The Consumer Review Fairness Act
Two years after lawmakers green lit the Consumer Review Fairness Act, FTC commissioners are using it [...]
Marketing Lawyer
Influencer Marketing Legal Tips
Influencer Marketing 101 As a matter of provable fact, the average person is clobbered with over 10, [...]