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Illustration shows paper that's been stamped with the word "AUDITED" in bold, red letters. Highlighted, handwritten text underneath reads, "What should I do now?"
What to Do If You Get Audited by the IRS: 5 Essential Tips
Navigating a tax audit can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. With t [...]
Puerto Rico Crypto Tax Haven
Could Puerto Rico Be Your Crypto Tax Haven? (2024 Update)
With 0% capital gains tax and 4% income tax, Puerto Rico can offer serious tax savings. Discover whe [...]
Classifying Hobby and Business Income
Classifying Hobby and Business Income
Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to turn your passion into profit, or a hobbyist seeking [...]
IRS Form 1099-K
Reporting Payment Card and Network Transactions on Form 1099-K
If you work for yourself and get paid through online payment services like PayPal or Square, you mig [...]
OnlyFans Taxes Explained
OnlyFans Taxes Explained
If you're a content creator on OnlyFans, you may seek ways to earn a quick buck. But before making m [...]
IRS Back Taxes
Getting Rid of IRS Back Taxes
If you didn’t pay your taxes on time or didn’t file a tax return, you may owe back taxes. Wi [...]
IRS Tax Penalties
IRS Tax Penalties
Tax penalties can lead to many sleepless nights for taxpayers who owe the Internal Revenue Service ( [...]
Pass-Through Taxation: How to Report Pass-Through Income on Your Tax Return
What Is Pass-Through Taxation?
Pass-through taxation is common for small business owners or freelancers. Learn what pass-through in [...]
Understanding State Taxes for Remote Workers
Remote Working Tax Implications for Employers
Before setting your job listing to "anywhere," make sure you understand how out-of-state employees m [...]