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Image representing IRS wage garnishment. The image shows a man in his 30s with short, dark hair holding his pay stubs in one hand and rubbing the bridge of his nose in a gesture of despair. Behind him is IRS Notice CP90, Final Notice of Intent to Levy, which is the final notice sent before wage garnishment begins.
How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishment (2024)
If you're facing IRS wage garnishment, you may feel confused, angry, and overwhelmed. But you have o [...]
IRS Installment Agreements
IRS Installment Agreements: Your Road to Tax Debt Relief
So you’ve received the notice that every taxpayer dreads: You owe the government money! Fortun [...]
What Are IRS Tax Liens?
What Are IRS Tax Liens?
If you have IRS back taxes that go unpaid for an extended period, you may be subject to IRS tax li [...]
What is the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?
The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) allows the IRS or a state tax board* to hold individuals pers [...]
COVID-19 Tax Debt Relief - IRS Expands Tax Debt Relief Options - Coronavirus Economic Hardship
COVID-19 Tax Debt Relief: IRS Expands Options for Back Taxes

If your IRS debt is overwhelming, you now have more options than ever.