I'm proud of helping to build our crypto tax team and the firm as a whole. We're leading the frontier of this industry, and we are where we are because of collaboration.

About James Cortez

James Cortez is the Manager of Private Client Services in the Cryptocurrency Department. As the most senior member of our crypto tax team (aside from founder Andrew Gordon), James has prepared hundreds of cryptocurrency tax returns and unraveled millions of complex blockchain transactions. He now focuses on clients with the most complicated cryptocurrency, NFT, and DeFi activity.

James studied at Harper College and Western Illinois University, earning his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science with a minor in Business Management.

In 2016, he became an administrative assistant at Gordon Law Group, which was (and still is) one of only a handful of firms that understand how to report crypto taxes accurately. This is where he developed his passion for cryptocurrency investing.

By maintaining his own trading records, James quickly realized the need for accountants who understand the cryptocurrency world. He made it a personal goal to help investors with their taxes and record keeping, and began working as a crypto tax analyst.

James has been instrumental in growing the Cryptocurrency Department at Gordon Law Group, developing our industry-leading processes, and solving new reporting challenges as blockchain technology continues to evolve.

Today, James performs an initial review of nearly every crypto tax file at Gordon Law Group. He also manages the Private Client Services team, which caters to clients with unusually complex crypto activity. He regularly saves clients millions of dollars on their taxes through accurate and efficient blockchain reconciliation.

His passion for crypto extends beyond his work. After volunteering in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, James rang in 2019 at the famed Crypto Mansion in San Juan with early whales like Brock Pierce and Rhett Creighton.

James is continually excited to work at a firm that’s leading the frontier of cryptocurrency tax and law. Above all, he loves collaborating with the team to solve unique challenges and helping his clients achieve peace of mind.

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Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Western Illinois University

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