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Zachary Tilden, Tilden Dental Group (Small Business Client)
I appreciate [Andrew Gordon’s] warm demeanor, trustworthiness, and the way he explains complex leg [...]
Bob Iaccino, CEO of Path Trading Partners (Tax Resolution Client)
Fast and thorough is how I would describe [their] work. If it wasn’t personal, I’d disclose how [...]
Pat Larsen, CEO of ZenLedger (Cryptocurrency Tax Partner)
All our customers who have worked with Gordon Law Group have had the highest of praise. Andrew Gordo [...]
Peter McCool (Tax Resolution Client)
Michael [Brandwein] did an amazing job helping my wife and I with a rather complicated federal tax i [...]
I had a contract that I needed reviewed very quickly. I’m a person who does not understand law [...]
Andrew provided my IT start-up with top notch legal services. He helped formulate several complex le [...]
loved working with Gordon Law Group. Andrew [Gordon] explained all my cryptocurrency taxes in an eas [...]
I came to Andrew with 5 years of unfiled taxes and my wages were being garnished. He explained the s [...]
The IRS said I owed them $35,000 and Michael [Raff] got it down to zero. That is correct. At the end [...]