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Our asset protection lawyers understand that you need to protect your hard-earned wealth. By creating an asset protection structure before issues arise, you can shield your assets against civil lawsuits, debt collections, divorce proceedings, and more.

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Gordon Law Group is based in Chicago, but we assist clients nationwide, as well as U.S. citizens living abroad! Why choose us to protect your wealth?

  • 10+ years in business with billions of dollars successfully guarded through asset protection structures
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How Do You Protect Your Wealth from a Lawsuit?

An asset protection structure protects your wealth from civil lawsuits and other types of claims.

What is asset protection, exactly? There are different ways to go about it, but generally speaking, it’s a way to create a wall between yourself and your funds. Our asset protection attorneys favor offshore trust formation as the most ironclad way to protect your wealth, but it’s important to understand all your options. Give us a call today at (847) 580-1279 to learn more!

Asset Protection for Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

If you have a large portfolio of cryptocurrency or NFTs, you need an asset protection lawyer who speaks your language. Look no further, because Gordon Law Group has been a leader in cryptocurrency law since 2014! Our attorneys have a deep understanding of blockchain technology and are up to date on the latest developments.

We’ve helped many crypto whales set up asset protection structures. Through this experience, we’ve found world-class global banking connections who welcome digital assets. We even accept payment in BTC and ETH!

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Offshore Tax Disclosures

Offshore asset protection trusts are a powerful tool to shield your wealth, but they also create additional tax filing obligations. You may need to file offshore disclosure forms such as:

The penalties for failing to file these forms on time or filing incorrect information can be severe. Luckily, Gordon Law Group is one of the few law firms with deep knowledge of this area. Once your asset protection trust is set up, we can handle all your offshore disclosure needs with zero headaches!

Why Is Asset Protection Important?

An asset protection lawyer in Chicago can help shield your money so that creditors can’t access it—but only if you set up the structure before any claims arise. A good asset protection strategy can protect against debt collections, civil lawsuits, and more. Without it, a claimant could be entitled to all of your hard-earned money!

How Much Does Asset Protection Cost?

The cost of asset protection services can vary widely. Asset protection can be as simple as forming an LLC or it can be much more complex, involving multiple offshore entities (such as a Nevis LLC and Cook Islands Trust).

Offshore trusts are typically advised for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) who have at least $1 million. Call us today for a free strategy session and to get a custom quote!

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