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The FTC Let Zuck Off the Hook
Facebook’s legal tango with the FTC has come to an end, for now. After the 16-month investigat [...]
The Legal Consequences of Trafficking in Fake Likes and Follows
It’s a jungle out there. With marketing saturation at peak capacity, gaining exposure — whether [...]
Marketing Law: Made in the USA Labeling Laws
“Made in the USA”: Easy-to-Understand Overview of FTC Guidelines
Last week, the Federal Trade Commission voted whether or not to fine companies that improperly use t [...]
e-commerce law topic: fictitious pricing
Ecommerce Law: Can You Be Sued For “Fictitious Pricing” Perpetual Sales?
Sales are a staple of the e-commerce ecosystem, but rules do apply. For example: Perpetually adverti [...]
Unfair and Deceptive marketing case: Shire
Unfair and Deceptive Marketing: A Shift Away From Federal Hearings?
The Third Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision that will affect “past conduct” cases current [...]
FTC Law: unfair and deceptive marketing case
Unfair and Deceptive Marketing Lessons to Learn From the Roca FTC Case
A nutraceutical company must pay $25 million in fines over FTC Act violations involving a product du [...]
Online Marketing Law: Negative Fake Reviews
Can I Pay Influencers to Post Negative Reviews?
Can you pay influencers to trash competitors? The short answer: No. The long answer: Case details ma [...]
Chicago Business Lawyer
Online Business Law: What You Need To Know About The Consumer Review Fairness Act
Two years after lawmakers green lit the Consumer Review Fairness Act, FTC commissioners are using it [...]
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Gordon Law Moves Court to File Counterclaim against FTC
DOTAuthority.com and Affiliates File A Counterclaim Against the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) [...]