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We draft, negotiate, and enforce contracts with your business’s legal and financial needs in mind. Rest easy knowing our experienced team of contract lawyers is looking out for you.

What can a contract lawyer do for you?

Our trusted contract lawyers can step in at any stage of contract negotiations or disputes. We fight tirelessly to protect your interests—and our focus on interconnected practice areas like tax law, business law, advertising and marketing law, and internet law provides a holistic approach that few firms can match. 

At Gordon Law Group, we’re laser-focused on finding opportunities to protect your business both legally and financially. Our emphasis on personal service means you get results fast, and you have an experienced attorney to answer all your questions along the way.

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Our tax knowledge protects your bottom line

As attorneys experienced in both contract law and tax law, we’re uniquely positioned to save you money. Tax implications are a crucial, yet frequently overlooked, aspect of business contracts; a misstep in the contract stage can cost your business thousands in the long run. Particularly in merger and acquisition agreements, strategically allocating the purchase price to different areas (salaries, assets, goodwill, etc.) can save a great deal of money for both the buyer and seller. Our team of contract lawyers ensures you’re set up for long-lasting success by leveraging every opportunity to lower your tax burden.

Contract lawyer services: Negotiating and executing business contracts

When it comes to creating business contracts, we get it done fast and we get it done right.

Whether you need a contract drafted or need an eagle-eyed attorney to review a contract before you sign, we’ll work alongside you to ensure your financial and legal interests are placed front and center.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients, ranging from small LLCs to multi-million-dollar corporations, execute a variety of business contracts, including:

Breach of contract attorneys: Fighting for what you deserve

Our attorneys at Gordon Law Group have extensive knowledge of contract law, as well as the proven trial experience to fight for your rights in Illinois and federal courts.

Breach of contract disputes can include:

  • Underperformance
  • Failure to provide goods or services
  • Failure to provide payment

When you’re undergoing a breach of contract dispute, we understand that you want tangible results and you want them fast. We’ll fight tirelessly to get what you deserve; in many cases, we can negotiate a resolution outside the courtroom, saving you substantial time and money. 

We can also review or modify your contracts to prevent the issue from repeating in the future. We’re focused on protecting your interests not only in the immediate problem at hand, but for the duration of your business’s life. 

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Unparalleled experience in ecommerce and affiliate marketing

Our firm has worked with ecommerce businesses and affiliate marketers since 2013, and few firms can rival our intricate knowledge of these industries. We’ve represented countless advertisers, affiliates, and networks, so we understand how to negotiate a contract that satisfies all parties.

With our focus on advertising and marketing law, we ensure you’re protected against FTC censure and lawsuits. A strong affiliate marketing agreement considers topics like:

  • Amount, method, and timing of commission payments
  • Limiting liability against FTC action and private lawsuits
  • Responsibilities of all parties involved
  • How performance benchmarks will be tracked
  • Who will own any necessary licenses for images and other marketing materials
  • Intellectual property rights for any marketing materials created
  • Trademark regulations for advertising keywords
  • Rules and procedures for where affiliate links can be displayed
  • How and when parties can exit the contract

At Gordon Law Group, we emphasize personal attention for each and every client. We’ll ensure you fully understand the terms of your contract and that your financial and legal interests are well looked after.

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