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Image of a hand holding a physical Bitcoin. A computer in the background shows cryptocurrency price history on a chart. Overlaid on this image is a stylized version of IRS Form 8949.
How Is Crypto Taxed? (2023) IRS Rules and How to File
Wondering how crypto taxes work and how to report cryptocurrency on your taxes? Our experienced cryp [...]
Stylized image in orange and blue tones. In the foreground, a man and woman hold handfuls of cash while smiling and dancing. The background shows a pile of Bitcoin tokens.
How to Avoid Crypto Taxes: 12 White Hat Strategies to Lower Your Bill
Are you wondering how to avoid crypto taxes without breaking any rules? Discover 12 tried-and-true s [...]
Judge Rules That XRP Token Is Not a Security
Partial Ripple Victory: Judge Rules That XRP Is Not a Security
In a significant development for the crypto industry, a federal judge has ruled in favor of Ripple L [...]
Understanding SEC's Lawsuit Against Coinbase
SEC vs. Coinbase: Understanding the SEC’s Charges
In a recent press release, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced its charges agains [...]
Understanding SEC's Lawsuit Against Binance
SEC Sues Binance and Founder CZ
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is coming after Binance, the world’ [...]
Coinbase Files Lawsuit Against the SEC
Coinbase Files Lawsuit Against SEC: A Battle for Clarity Amidst Increasing Enforcement Actions
The world of cryptocurrency is witnessing yet another legal challenge as Coinbase Global Inc., one o [...]
ETH2 and Staking Taxes: Pro Tips to Lower Your Bill
ETH2 and Staking Taxes: Pro Tips to Lower Your Bill
How are ETH2 and ETH staking rewards taxed? Our cryptocurrency tax attorneys dive into the tricky qu [...]
NFT Creators and the Law: 5 Common Questions
NFT Creators and the Law: 5 Common Questions
From copyright and ownership issues to smart contract disputes, the legal implications of NFTs are v [...]
Binance US Taxes Explained
Binance US Taxes Explained
If you’re struggling to file your Binance US taxes, rest assured that you’re not alone. [...]