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Puerto Rico Crypto Tax Haven
Could Puerto Rico Be Your Crypto Tax Haven? (2024 Update)
With 0% capital gains tax and 4% income tax, Puerto Rico can offer serious tax savings. Discover whe [...]
CP2000 Crypto - How to Respond to IRS CP2000 Notice for Cryptocurrency Investors
CP2000 Crypto Letter from the IRS: How to Respond and Dispute (2024 Update)

Did you receive a CP2000 letter about cryptocurrency taxes? We can help!

Crypto Tax Software Problems
Top 5 Problems with Crypto Tax Software
Are you getting error messages in your cryptocurrency tax software? Do the numbers seem way off? Don [...]
Are Cryptocurrencies Foreign Assets Subject to FATCA and FBAR?
People often ask: Do Bitcoin and other digital tokens qualify as foreign assets under U.S. law? Answ [...]
IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program
IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program
The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) gives taxpayers a chance to avoid criminal tax charges by [...]
Move Here To Save Big On Crypto Taxes
How do some token traders compliantly shelter their gains from the taxman? A common way is to move s [...]
You’ve Been Warned: The IRS Is On The Hunt for Crypto Tax Evaders
Gary “Silk Road Sheriff” Alford was instrumental in catching online drug cartel kingpin Ross Ulb [...]
Crypto Lawyer: ICO Tips
Quick Tips From An ICO Lawyer
Contemplating an initial coin offering? Digging for some ICO legal tips? Well then, you’ve landed [...]
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Offshore Crypto Havens: Malta and Bermuda May Save You Millions
Token investors and ICOs are on the hunt for crypto-friendly jurisdictions. They’re asking: I don� [...]