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CP2000 Crypto - How to Respond to IRS CP2000 Notice for Cryptocurrency Investors
CP2000 Crypto Letter from the IRS: How to Respond and Dispute (2024 Update)

Did you receive a CP2000 letter about cryptocurrency taxes? We can help!

FBAR: Who Should File & What Happens If You Dont
FBAR Filing Requirements (2024): Who Needs to File FinCEN Form 114?
Did you just learn about FBAR filing requirements? Our experienced FBAR lawyers break down all you n [...]
Stylized image representing a crypto tax audit. The background shows a middle-aged white man viewing his trading charts on a computer. The foreground shows an example of IRS Notice CP2000 and a hand holding a magnifying glass.
Robinhood and BlockFi Users Receiving CP2000 Audit Notices in 2024
Are you a Robinhood or BlockFi user who's received IRS letter CP2000? This is the start of a crypto [...]
Easy Guide to NFT Taxes
Easy Guide to NFT Taxes for 2024
Love them or hate them, NFTs are here to stay. Some only see a digital picture of an ape in human cl [...]
Image of a hand holding a physical Bitcoin. A computer in the background shows cryptocurrency price history on a chart. Overlaid on this image is a stylized version of IRS Form 8949.
How Is Crypto Taxed? (2024) IRS Rules and How to File
Wondering how crypto taxes work and how to report cryptocurrency on your taxes? Our experienced cryp [...]
Stylized image representing Coinbase taxes. The background shows a messy stack of IRS tax forms. The foreground depicts a Coinbase trading portfolio.
Coinbase Taxes 101: How to Report Coinbase on Your Taxes
Discover how to report Coinbase taxes easily with this simple guide! Written by experienced crypto t [...]
NFT Creators and the Law: 5 Common Questions
NFT Creators and the Law: 5 Common Questions
From copyright and ownership issues to smart contract disputes, the legal implications of NFTs are v [...]
Binance US Taxes Explained
Binance US Taxes Explained
If you’re struggling to file your Binance US taxes, rest assured that you’re not alone. [...]
2023 Complete DeFi Tax Guide
Complete DeFi Tax Guide 2024
The world of Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has exploded recently, offering new and innovative fina [...]