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Stylized image depicting a young, wealthy woman wearing a wide smile and carrying shopping bags in a tropical destination. On top of this background is an IRS CP59 notice for untiled tax returns. A large warning symbol is overlaid on top of the notice near the center of the image.
New IRS Initiative Targets High-Income Non-Filers
The IRS is targeting wealthy non-filers who haven't filed tax returns between 2017 and 2021. Learn w [...]
CP2000 Crypto - How to Respond to IRS CP2000 Notice for Cryptocurrency Investors
CP2000 Crypto Letter from the IRS: How to Respond and Dispute (2024 Update)

Did you receive a CP2000 letter about cryptocurrency taxes? We can help!

Binance US Taxes Explained
Binance US Taxes Explained
If you’re struggling to file your Binance US taxes, rest assured that you’re not alone. [...]
Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures: Complete Guide 2024

SDOP is an IRS amnesty program for U.S. residents who have unreported foreign income.

Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures: Complete Guide 2024
SFOP is an IRS amnesty program for U.S. taxpayers with unreported offshore income. Successful applic [...]
IRS Gets an $80 Billion Budget Increase
The Inflation Reduction Act gives the IRS an additional $80 billion per year to increase services an [...]
IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program
IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program
The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) gives taxpayers a chance to avoid criminal tax charges by [...]
Form 3520: Reporting Foreign Trust
Form 3520: Reporting Foreign Trusts and Gifts for US Citizens
If you received transactions from foreign trusts or entities during the tax year, you may need to fi [...]
FATCA Reporting: Filing Form 8938
FATCA Reporting: Filing Form 8938
Offshore accounts were once the go-to option for Americans who wanted to hide money from Uncle Sam. [...]