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Stylized image depicting a young, wealthy woman wearing a wide smile and carrying shopping bags in a tropical destination. On top of this background is an IRS CP59 notice for untiled tax returns. A large warning symbol is overlaid on top of the notice near the center of the image.
New IRS Initiative Targets High-Income Non-Filers
The IRS is targeting wealthy non-filers who haven't filed tax returns between 2017 and 2021. Learn w [...]
Illustration shows paper that's been stamped with the word "AUDITED" in bold, red letters. Highlighted, handwritten text underneath reads, "What should I do now?"
What to Do If You Get Audited by the IRS: 5 Essential Tips
Navigating a tax audit can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. With t [...]
Image representing IRS wage garnishment. The image shows a man in his 30s with short, dark hair holding his pay stubs in one hand and rubbing the bridge of his nose in a gesture of despair. Behind him is IRS Notice CP90, Final Notice of Intent to Levy, which is the final notice sent before wage garnishment begins.
How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishment (2024)
If you're facing IRS wage garnishment, you may feel confused, angry, and overwhelmed. But you have o [...]
Image shows a young woman with straight, dark hair and a serious expression making the "time out" symbol with her hands. Behind her are collection notices from the Illinois Department of Revenue. The background shows an image of the Illinois Capitol Building.
How to Stop Illinois Department of Revenue Collections (2024 Update)
Are you struggling with Illinois Department of Revenue collections? Do you have overwhelming Illinoi [...]
CP2000 Crypto - How to Respond to IRS CP2000 Notice for Cryptocurrency Investors
CP2000 Crypto Letter from the IRS: How to Respond and Dispute (2024 Update)

Did you receive a CP2000 letter about cryptocurrency taxes? We can help!

Stylized image representing a crypto tax audit. The background shows a middle-aged white man viewing his trading charts on a computer. The foreground shows an example of IRS Notice CP2000 and a hand holding a magnifying glass.
Robinhood and BlockFi Users Receiving CP2000 Audit Notices in 2024
Are you a Robinhood or BlockFi user who's received IRS letter CP2000? This is the start of a crypto [...]
Easy Guide to NFT Taxes
Easy Guide to NFT Taxes for 2024
Love them or hate them, NFTs are here to stay. Some only see a digital picture of an ape in human cl [...]
Stylized image representing IRS penalty relief. The background shows various tax forms. The foreground shows a young woman with curly hair cheering in excitement, with stacks of money behind her.
IRS Announces Automatic Penalty Relief for 2020 and 2021 Tax Returns: A Lifeline for Taxpayers
You may be eligible for automatic penalty relief and other tax debt relief options. Learn more here, [...]
Stylized image representing audits of high earners and partnerships. In the background is Tax Form 1065 for partnership returns. In the foreground is a hand holding a large magnifying glass, with stacks of $100 bills fanned out around it.
How High Earners Can Prepare for New IRS Audit Campaign
The IRS has begun a new wave of audits targeting high-earning individuals and partnerships. Here's h [...]