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IRS Installment Agreements
IRS Installment Agreements: Your Road to Tax Debt Relief
So you’ve received the notice that every taxpayer dreads: You owe the government money! Fortun [...]
Form 3520: Reporting Foreign Trust
Form 3520: Reporting Foreign Trusts and Gifts for US Citizens
If you received transactions from foreign trusts or entities during the tax year, you may need to fi [...]
FATCA Reporting: Filing Form 8938
FATCA Reporting: Filing Form 8938
Offshore accounts were once the go-to option for Americans who wanted to hide money from Uncle Sam. [...]
IRS Tax Levy - What Is It and How Can You Stop It?
IRS Tax Levy: What Is It and How Can You Stop It?
An IRS tax levy can put your property and personal assets at risk. Back taxes are hard to eliminate, [...]
What Are IRS Tax Liens?
What Are IRS Tax Liens?
If you have IRS back taxes that go unpaid for an extended period, you may be subject to IRS tax li [...]
IRS Back Taxes
Getting Rid of IRS Back Taxes
If you didn’t pay your taxes on time or didn’t file a tax return, you may owe back taxes. Wi [...]
IRS Penalty Abatement
IRS Penalty Abatement
Completely erasing IRS tax penalties may sound too good to be true, but IRS penalty abatement is an [...]
IRS Tax Penalties
IRS Tax Penalties
Tax penalties can lead to many sleepless nights for taxpayers who owe the Internal Revenue Service ( [...]
Voluntary Disclosure for Crypto - New IRS VDP Guidelines
IRS Adds Crypto to Voluntary Disclosure Program
Revised guidelines create a clear pathway for those with criminal concerns regarding unreported cryp [...]