Image of 2 NFT characters--a Bored Ape and a Gutter Cat--in front of fanned-out $100 bills.
Complete Guide to NFT Taxes (2024 Update)
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2023 Complete DeFi Tax Guide
Complete Guide to DeFi Taxes (2024 Update)
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Stylized image depicting a navy blue background with a large image of draft IRS Form 1099-DA, the first tax form created specifically for digital assets. The foreground contains an orange starburst shape and a hand holding a megaphone, indicating important news.
Form 1099-DA Unveiled: IRS Releases Draft of New Tax Form for Digital Assets
The IRS just released a draft of Form 1099-DA, the first tax form dedicated to reporting crypto and [...]
Puerto Rico Crypto Tax Haven
Could Puerto Rico Be Your Crypto Tax Haven? (2024 Update)
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FBAR Filing Requirements (2024): Who Needs to File FinCEN Form 114?
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Stylized image representing the legal battle between Kraken Exchange and the IRS. The top half of the image shows an octopus with an orange-toned overlay. The bottom half of the image shows a magnifying glass over financial documents with a dark blue overlay. On top of the image, large text reads "Kraken vs IRS."
Prepare for Audits: Kraken Will Send Data on 42,000 Users to the IRS
The IRS is turning its sights on popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken in its efforts to enforce ta [...]
ETH2 and Staking Taxes: Pro Tips to Lower Your Bill
ETH2 and Staking Taxes: Pro Tips to Lower Your Bill
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NFT Creators and the Law: 5 Common Questions
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Binance US Taxes Explained
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