Image depicting a young woman who's selling items on an ecommerce store. An open laptop and several cardboard boxes are sitting on her desk. She's smiling and holding both hands upward in a carefree gesture. Behind her is Form 1099-K, "Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions."
IRS Delays $600 Threshold for 1099-K Reporting: Understand Your Tax Requirements
The IRS has once again delayed the $600 threshold for Form 1099-K reporting. Our experienced tax att [...]
Stylized image of a Hispanic man in his 40s holding an "Open" sign. He's wearing a white t-shirt, an apron, and a big smile. Behind him is an LLC registration form.
Navigating the New BOI Reporting Requirements: A Guide for Businesses
Need help understanding your BOI reporting requirements? This guide from experienced business attorn [...]
Stylized image representing cryptocurrency accounting. The image shows a calculator next to several Bitcoins.
FASB Unveils First-Ever Crypto Accounting Rules, Signaling Significant Business Changes
New crypto accounting rules from the Financial Accounting Standards Board will provide more financia [...]
Stylized image representing a crypto tax audit. The background shows a middle-aged white man viewing his trading charts on a computer. The foreground shows an example of IRS Notice CP2000 and a hand holding a magnifying glass.
Robinhood and BlockFi Users Receiving CP2000 Audit Notices in 2024
Are you a Robinhood or BlockFi user who's received IRS letter CP2000? This is the start of a crypto [...]
Stylized image of IRS Form 8300, "Report of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business." The background shows a U.S. Capitol building with an orange overlay. The foreground depicts Form 8300 with a stack of Bitcoins on top of it.
IRS Delays Reporting of $10K Crypto Transactions on Form 8300
Good news for crypto businesses: A new requirement to file Form 8300 for cryptocurrency payments of [...]
Stylized image representing the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Voluntary Disclosure Program. The background shows an IRS building and the Voluntary Disclosure form, Form 15434, with an orange overlay. The foreground shows a close up of a handshake with a blue overlay, representing a deal between taxpayers and the IRS.
Small Businesses, Act Now: Limited-Time IRS Relief for Employee Retention Credit Errors
Get tax relief while you can! For a very limited time, the IRS is offering employers relief for repa [...]
Stylized image representing the legal battle between Kraken Exchange and the IRS. The top half of the image shows an octopus with an orange-toned overlay. The bottom half of the image shows a magnifying glass over financial documents with a dark blue overlay. On top of the image, large text reads "Kraken vs IRS."
Prepare for Audits: Kraken Will Send Data on 42,000 Users to the IRS
The IRS is turning its sights on popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken in its efforts to enforce ta [...]
Judge Rules That XRP Token Is Not a Security
Partial Ripple Victory: Judge Rules That XRP Is Not a Security
In a significant development for the crypto industry, a federal judge has ruled in favor of Ripple L [...]
Understanding SEC's Lawsuit Against Coinbase
SEC vs. Coinbase: Understanding the SEC’s Charges
In a recent press release, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced its charges agains [...]