Illinois Tax Fraud Law: Can I Go To Jail For Not Paying Taxes?

November 26, 2018

Can I go to jail for not paying taxes? It’s a question we field constantly. The answer: In some instances, yes you can. However, if you work with an experienced tax law attorney, the chances diminish greatly — unless, of course, you’ve committed a premeditated, overt crime. And even then, working with an Illinois tax fraud lawyer is your best bet for the best possible outcome.

Going To Jail Over Tax Fraud: Six Facts

Let’s take a look at six facts from the “Tax Fraud Offenses for Fiscal Year 2017,” published by the Sentencing Commission.

  • Authorities sentenced 584 people, the majority of which had no prior criminal history, for tax fraud crimes.
  • 8% of the cases involved tax losses of $100,000 or less; 87.2% involved tax loss of $1.5 million or less.
  • Charged parties saw an increase in their sentences for a) using “sophisticated means” of trying to obstruct or avert the law; b) organizing or supervising a specific fraud scheme; c) abusing a position of public trust; d) interfering with the administration of justice or impeding the investigation.
  • 1% of tax fraud offenders have to spend some time in prison, with an average sentence of about 1.5 years.
  • The length of tax fraud jail sentences has decreased slightly over the past five years.
  • Over the past five years, many tax fraud convicts have received a sentence reduction.

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