FTC Compliance: Internet Advertising Campaign Regulations

February 17, 2017

FTC defense lawyer for Internet advertising campaign A well-executed Internet advertising campaign can make a business, but it must comply with Federal Trade Commission marketing and advertising regulations.

When the FTC catches companies shirking promotional rules, it can dole out devastating fines. Want to keep the agency off your back? Hire an FTC attorney for a marketing compliance review.

Rules For Internet Advertising Campaigns

The Federal Trade Commission, which derives its power from the Federal Trade Commission Act, promulgates and enforces Internet advertising regulations. Primarily, the commission bars businesses from using deceptive and misleading advertising strategies.

Situations vary and the devil is typically in the details, but the top three Internet advertising campaign don’ts are as follows.

  1. Don’t make false claims.
  2. Paid promoters, influencers, and affiliate marketers who promote brands in exchange for money or products must conspicuously disclose this material relationship. If they don’t, the brand can be held responsible.
  3. Don’t make scientific claims without substantive proof to back them up.

Factual Omissions Can Qualify As “False Claims”

Failing to provide pertinent information in a marketing campaign also falls under “noncompliance.”  If companies fail to disclose information that could impact consumers’ product understanding, the FTC can hold them liable for deceptive advertising.

Potential Enforcement Actions

The FTC uses a number of enforcement actions depending on the severity of the matter. It may issue cease-and-desist orders, fencing-in provisions, corrective advertising orders, or numerous other informational remedies, including bans and fines.

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